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About Us

Jamii’s passion for technology is immense with a dream to make lives better though digital inclusion!

Technology plays a decisive role in the large and diverse challenges the business sector faces today, because of innovative digital solutions that have been customized to meet the user’s unique requirements.

Such as A Government institute, an entrepreneur, a service provider or even an individual that can achieve a definitive competitive edge in the global marketplace.

Through innovation and Technology, we intend to change Africa by making products and services that are cheap and accessible through digitization.

How can we help?

Jamii is a micro-health insurance product for the informal sector.

We have eight cover options for you depending on the number of people in your family.

Cover Options

3 Months

  • Number of Members
  • Individual
  • Family of 2
  • Family of 3
  • Family of 4
  • Cover Price
  • 7,000tsh
  • 13,000tsh
  • 17,000tsh
  • 21,000tsh
  • Benefits Per Member
  • 65,000tsh
  • 65,000tsh
  • 65,000tsh
  • 65,000tsh

6 Months

  • Number of Members
  • Individual
  • Family of 2
  • Family of 3
  • Family of 4
  • Cover Price
  • 23,000tsh
  • 41,000tsh
  • 54,000tsh
  • 66,000tsh
  • Benefits Per Memeber
  • 115,000tsh
  • 115,000tsh
  • 115,000tsh
  • 115,000tsh

How to Register

Call *150*57#, enter your profile details as requested

Select the policy cover you need

Pay for the cover via M-Pesa by confirming the price and your PIN

You will receive your unique Jamii ID number to use on your hospital visit.

To access your benefits at the hospital

Carry any formal ID that matches your full name registered on Jamii profile,

Provide to the hospital administration with your Jamii ID number.

In case you have forgotten your number, you can call *150*57# and select option 3 for youth profile details and your official ID document you have. It can be the local government letter, voter’s ID, employment ID etc.

You will receive hospital services within your policy benefit limit.

Redeemable at the following Hospitals

Ithna Asheri Community Hospital
Selian Lutheran Hospital
St.Thomas Hospital
Mt.Meru Regional Referral Hospital
Old Arusha Dispensary
Arusha Medical Centre
Mother Care Clinic
Toto Care Health Services
Marie Stopes Arumeru Hospital
Marie Stopes Mererani Centre
Marie Stopes Monduli Centre
Maries Stopes Arumeru Centre
Dar es Salaam
Muhimbili National Hospital
Mikumi Hospital
Arafa Charitable Health Center
Marie Stopes Dar Hospital
Datoo Medical Clinic
Alexia Medical LTD
Dr Ramaiya Dispensary
GE Dispensary
Marie Stopes Dar Centre
Marie Stopes Kimara Centre
Marie Stopes Mabibo Centre
Marie Stopes Mwenge Hospital
Marie Stopes Temeke Centre
Rehmtullah Dispensary
Sisa Community Health Centre
Kunduchi Beach Health Services
Tayma Dispensary (Sabrina)
Furaha Medical (Dr Massawe)
Somedics Polyclinic
Sokoni Dispensary and Diagnostic
PK Kibaoni Dispensary
Kilimanjaro First Health Hospital
Moshi Upendo Health Centre
Shanty Town Hospital
Siima Charitable Dispensary
St Thomas Dispensary
Mirembe Hospital
Amani Health Center
Dodoma Regional Hospital
Dodoma Christian Medical Centre
Marie Stopes Iringa Centre
New Mafinga Huruma Dispensary
Marie Stopes
Pisalala Dispensary
Iringa Regional Hospital
Florida KMT Dispensary
Kabuhima Mennonite Dispensary
Bakwata Nyasubi B. Dispensary
Kwema Dispensary
Kagongwa Dispensary
Igalilimi Health Center
Marie Stopes Kahama Centre
Geita Hospital
Marie Stopes
Upendo Dispensary
Nyumbani Dispensary
Dr Maeja Dispensary
KKKT Zahanati ya Usharika
Shinyanga RC Hospital
Majengo Dispensary-Bakwata Shinyanga
Shinyanga Regional Referral Hospital

Maries Stopes Karatu Centre

Kigoma Mission Hospital
Upendo Foundation Health Center
Kigoma International Hospital
Maweni Hospital
Songea Regional Hospital
Mission Peramiho Hospital
St Camillius Hospital
Marie Stopes Makambako Hospital
Songea Private Dispensary

Brigita Dispensary

Mbeya Referral Hospital
Uyole Hospital
Mbalizi DDH
K’s Hospital
Maries Stopes Mbeya Centre
Mbeya Surgical
Makendza Clinic
St. Harry Hospital
Shalom Medical Centre
Ahmadiyya Medical Center
St. Francis
AMEC Healthcare Dispensary
St Theresa
Christ The King Hospital
Murgwanza Hospital
Nyerere DDH – Mugumu
Marie Stopes Musoma Centre
Omega Medical Services
Ligula Hospital
Fajma Dispensary
Sajola Dispensary
Huruma Dispensary
Shangani Dispensary (Ndanda Ndogo)
Bursa Clinic
Dr Mwambe Health Centre
ST Therese Bukoba Health Centre
Ndolage Hospital
Hamugembe Karibu Dispensary
Bugando Medical Centre
Mwanza Women Clinic
Aga Khan Health Centre Mwanza
Amani Chogo Dispensary
Huduma Medicare
Marie Stopes Mwanza Hospital
Tarime Foundation (Hurumia Watoto Dispensary)
Kiloleli Juu Health Centre

Contact us

EdgePoint Digital Ltd

Plot 11 Ada Estate

Dar es Salaam

Email: info@jamiiafrica.com

Tel: +255 222 664 851

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